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Waste Plasterboard
Our plasterboard recycling facility is a purpose built plant, capable of processing all bulk plasterboard and gypsum based materials.

We recycle and reuse 100% of all plasterboard waste and gypsum based materials. The aim of the plant is to process the waste plasterboard and remove all contaminants including the paper backing.

As of April 2010 plasterboard and other high sulphate bearing wastes are no longer allowed in general landfill (previously a 10% allowance for such materials had been in place). Presently the only 2 options for plasterboard waste are to recycle or dispose at a mono-cell landfill site (a landfill which only accepts high sulphate waste). In many cases the costs for mono-cell disposal are higher than recycling costs where landfill tax alone accounts for a £48.00 (in 2010) cost for every tonne disposed.

Acceptable waste materials:

  • Plasterboard waste > Gypsum ceilings, wall, floors etc
  • Virgin gypsum board waste > Production scrap
  • Complete boards or broken parts
  • Waste from rebuilds and refurbishment projects
  • Gypsum based pharmaceutical products and materials
  • Industrial based gypsum products and materials
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